Friday, July 6, 2012

Washington D.C.

When the kids and I were returning to Italy we were flying Space A on an Air Force flight that tends to fill up fast in the summer months.  This plane flies out of Baltimore/Washington International Airport and when the plane filled up we were stuck in Baltimore.  Enter the awesome Morsbach family.  My cousin Clark and his wife took us in and let us stay at their house until we were able to fly out 10 days later.  We had a lot of fun with them and their three girls (I'll post more in Baltimore ASAP).  I've always wanted to tour Washington D.C. and thanks for Clark and Krystal I was able to while we were stuck.  Krystal watched the kids for me and I went with Clark to D.C. and while he worked I got to see the sights.  It was truly amazing.  I have seen a lot of sites in the world but I think I love Washington the most.  I got to see a lot of stuff but of course you can't do it all in one day, but this is what I did see:

MLK Jr.  The quote to his right: "Out of a mountain of despair a stone of hope."


Random building with her flag flying. 

 Washington Monument
Unfortunately it was closed due to cracks from the earthquake a while back.

 Jefferson Memorial
Probably my favorite memorial.  It is something to see.

 Jefferson Memorial

 And again, Jefferson Memorial

Korean War Memorial
This one was sentimental for me as my grandfather, the late Don Cox, served in that war.

 Lincoln Memorial

 Lincoln Memorial

 Vietnam Soldiers

 World War II Memorial

President Obama's (hopefully) soon to be prior residence.

I arrived in DC at about 6:30 or 7:00 am and I had the place to myself for the first few hours.  It was great.  It did rain a lot and I was wearing sandals (this was not a planned tour and I had sent my tennies home with Andy).  But Clark gave me his poncho (always prepared) and it was still a GREAT day!  I also toured the United States Holocaust Museum and the American History Museum.  No pictures were allowed in the Holocaust Museum but I will try to post pics from the American History Museum. 

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