Friday, July 6, 2012

Andy's Vacation to the States

After Andy finished his time in Bulgaria, he came home for a visit.

 We had fun in the pool.

 Got some quality sleepy time in.

 Spent time with his parents in Tucson.

This is what most of our time in Tucson looked like: Amber eating TONS of blueberries and hanging out with Papa.


 We flew to Iowa for a very short visit.

 Love it when kiddos sleep on the plane.

 Andy got to see his grandma Ethel and Aunt Donna.

 Maid Rite restaurant-yummy Maid Rites and milkshakes.

Our last night in Iowa we ate at the Machine Shed, it was really good and afterwards we got to go on a tractor ride.  Fun!  We also were able to see Andy's Uncle Tom and other Aunt Donna who so graceiously let us crash at their house AND borrow their car.  Thanks!

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