Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Pics

We had Christmas pics taken of Amber by my friend Tiffany. She did a great job and we love the photos. And it was a good time! We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the new year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Amber's 1st Birthday Party!

In September Amber turned 1 and we had a fun party with lots of great friends, food, and fun.

Amber wasn't all that interested in her cake :( It originally had an elephant on top.
I was going to order Amber's cake from a lady here in Aviano who makes cakes but they were way too expensive. So I made them myself. Almost all of them turned out good.

The theme was Party Animals so we had animal cakes, food, decor, you name it.
We had a lot of great friends out to celebrate with us.

Of course fun and games too. This is the classic "balloon pop relay" sooo funny!

Amber was walking a week or two before her birthday. Just in time to party hardy!

Such wonderful gifts from all our friends. Thanks everyone for making Amber's first birthday so special!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's goin on?

As you can see I have managed to scrounge up some time to post on this thing. The reason: I am finished with student teaching and finished with my Master's! The party is on New Years-I think the whole world will be celebrating with me, j/k. So now that I am finished with that I am working on applying for jobs-few and far between here in Italy. Andy comes home in less than two weeks so we are prepping for that and getting ready for Christmas.

It has been great to be home with Amber and not running around with a million things to do. Now I only have 1,000 things to do. I will be posting more pics of other stuff that has gone on since I was posting before; like Amber's 1st Birthday etc. Its great to be back!

A quick trip to Tucson

Last month Andy's Mom became extremely ill and was taken to the hospital. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with her and didn't know how to treat her. They ended up putting her in a medically induced coma. She wasn't doing well at all and they recommended to Andy's commanders that he go home to Tucson to see her. Soon after Amber and I were also on a plane to Tucson.
Well, Sarah started responding to the medications and they let her wake up. Before we knew it she was scooting around the hospital to prove to the nurses and doctors that she was ready to go home. Soon enough, they let her go. Her Dr. had never seen someone as sick as she was recover so fast. Well she got to come home and visit with a lot of her family and continued on the road to recovery. The doctors never identified what made her so sick that it almost killed her.
In the end it turned out to be a great trip. Although we went to Tucson under grim circumstances, we got to see Andy for almost two weeks and his family. Sarah is doing good now and Herb says that she keeps getting meaner, which is a good sign. It was great to see Andy a few weeks early, even if it was for less than two weeks. We also got to spend Thanksgiving in NM, we were there for a few short days but it was great. I'll post those pics soon.
Just brushing her teeth.

Amber has Grandpa's nose.

Uncle Mike

Amber and Grandma.

Yet another goodbye :(

Sunset before the snow.

Random Pics

She knows how to trash a hotel room. I thought Axl Rose had stopped by.

Amber and her friend Deja.

I love biscuits and gravy: especially in my hair.

Beans beans the magical fruit....

Just because she is so cute


Super cute dress from Aunt Neysa and Uncle Don.

And again.

One of the best things about Italy: Gelato!