Monday, November 30, 2009

Sleepy time.

Andy caught me sleeping while on duty :)

WELL Traveled Baby

Amber has been to so many places already. I thought about listing all the places she's been, but it would take all night. She is accustomed to her car seat and just looks so cute it in. In a couple of weeks she will travel even farther... Italy!

Red Dress

Andy's Grandma Ethel made this dress for her daugher Donna, she has pictures of all the girls in that side of the family starting with herself all the way down to Amber. Pretty neat.

Just a good pic

This is one of favorite pictures of Amber.

Visiting BFE's

Amber and I have been to Las Cruces a few times to visit some great friends. We stayed at my best friends Angelica's house-she always makes us feel right at home. We always have A LOT of plans but some how we don't always get around to fulfilling them. That's ok, we still have fun doing a whole lot of nothing. We still manage to squeeze in some things on the last day; such as eating at our favorite restaurant, wait..... was that all we managed to do? Hmmm? Oh well, the best part is just being with friends.

Agua Caliente Park

Before Andy left we went to the park and had a nice relaxing afternoon. Luckily we went when we did, because the bad weather moved in that night.

Daddy's Home

Amber and I were lucky to get to have 11 days with Andy. He came to Tucson for the Tour de Tucson, Thanksgiving, and of course to see his little family. He rides the Tour every year with his uncles and aunts. This year they came in 77th place, this is out of about 1100 riders in their catagory. Good job Farmboys!

Amber got to spend some quality time with her Daddy, she only had a few days with him after she was born. We all had a great time and stayed with Andy's parents. We also got to spend some time with friends, Jessica Brunette who I knew from Mildenhall and Andy's friends Richard and Gretchen.

Amber was also lucky enough to meet her Uncle Mike, Uncle Tom, and Aunt Elaine. She'll be over a year old when she gets to see them again :(. Unless they come to visit in Italy like we hope they will :).

Another cousin!

Amber is lucky enough to be getting another cousin. He or she is due on July 1st. I really hope that one day we can live close to Don and Neysa so that our kids can grow up together. Come on Air Force and Marine Corp-bring us all together.


Amber was blessed October 4th in Ramah, NM by her Great Grandpa Marvin. GG crocheted the dress and Heather wore it a few years ago when she was blessed. It is a perfect fit. Uncle John, Uncle Bryant, Doug Bloomfield, David Gibbons all particpated in giving the blessing. Pops and Caralea came to Ramah for it, however, I was in a bit of trouble for not informing everyone about this special day. Sorry!

The Sweater Song

Aunt Brenda knitted a beautiful sweater for Amber, as you can see she really likes it.

Amber's 1st visit

On our way to Ramah from the hospital, Amber made her first visit to her Auntie Mellisa's house. It was only fitting as we stayed at her house for a while just in case I went into labor-we didn't want to be too far from Alb.

That night Amber was visited by many of her Aunts. Aunt Loretta, Aunt Irene, Aunt Andrea, Aunt Lavern, Aunt Rita and also her Uncle Alan.
(This picture was actually taken a few weeks later, but you get the idea.)

Amber Isabella Wright

Amber was born September 8th in Albuquerque, NM. She weighed 6lbs 5oz and was 19 inches long. She was visited in the hospital by her Grandma GG, Grandpa Pops, Grammy Debbie, and Josh and Jamie Bizzel. She was also sent flowers from GG, Grammy Debbie and her Auntie Neysa and Uncle Don.