Saturday, April 2, 2011

NCO-Academy Graduation in Volgelweh Germay

This week Amber and I were able to travel up to Germany to see Andy's graduation from NCO-Academy (Non-Commissioned Officer). We flew up on Tuesday and then came home on Friday. It was a fast trip but we had a good time. It was great to see Andy again after 5+ weeks.

Andy graduating. Yes, I know (once again) it is the worst picture in the history of the world. I always take bad pictures at these ceremonies.

So fun getting dressed up. At 10 weeks pregnant I can still fit in my clothes, but not for long. It was a fun event, but NOT fun waiting for an hour in the lobby!

Mega cake! It was delicious. Can you tell Andy is contemplating diving in?

Andy was in Sabre flight.

Behind Sgt Diaz (in the bow tie) is Andy's slide from the slideshow.

Aviano NCO-Academy graduates. Some of Andy's classmates. Sorry about the trees and the bad view-these were taken from our room. This is the Retreat ceremony. Andy is the one in front folding the flag on the left. Its hard to find him in a sea of camo.

This is Andy's graduating class from NCO-Academy. There were about 150 graduates.