Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two Years Old and Too Adorable

Amber is turning 2 next month so it is time for more photos. She let me torture her with a lot of costume changes. She had a great time at the park and loved to watch the ducks and swans. And she was quite distracted by the gathering of Italians watching the photo shoot. She is so beautiful. We are so blessed to have her in our family. We love you Amber!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Mom, Aunt Brenda, Aunt Andrea, Sean and little Sean got to come to Italy for several days to visit. We had a great time and stayed busy busy! The first couple of days we visited Venice. Pictures to come. Next we hit Florence, Pisa, and Rome. This is the beginning of that journey.

The Duomo

The David

We only had a few hours in Florence because it took a while to travel there from Pordenone. But of course we had to see the David. The statue is much bigger than I thought it would be. I wish we could have seen more of Florence because there is a lot to see. But we had to catch a train to Pisa where we stayed the night. I have to say that it was nice to get of the air conditioned train after walking a long way in Florence.


So, I know they call it the leaning tower, but it is seriously leaning! I didn't realize how tippy it was. I really liked the leaning tower. We were only in Pisa for the evening as that is where we slept before heading on to Rome, but there isn't much else to Pisa, but I think the leaning tower is enough. You definitely have to see this one in person!

Vatican City

We saw Vatican City in one whirl wind tour and it was a lot to see but it was all really neat. The heat and TONS of tourists were a lot to handle but it was still awesome. I wasn't really happy with my pictures of St. Peter's and we weren't allowed to take photos in the Sisteen Chapel, but here are some pics to check out.

These are the Vatican Walls.

The Colloseum

ROME. WAS. AMAZING! I really enjoyed seeing Rome and will have to go back again one day to see the things we missed. But it was fabulous! A few recommendations for anyone traveling to Rome: 1. Don't go when you're pregnant. 2. Don't go in July. 3. DO NOT take a stroller. 4. Be prepared for long lines and millions of people all around you.

The Colloseum was unbelievable, another site you have to see in person to really understand how awesome it is.

This is the ground floor. These are the rooms that were underneath the arena floor.

Random Rome

These are just a few sites that we saw as we were seeing Rome. Some pics were taken as we passed by in the taxi or as we walked by.

The Roman Forum.

Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain

Unfortunately this is where my camera ran out of batteries. There were more pictures that I would have liked to take that day, but oh well, we'll go back another day for more! Next time we'll go in the dead of winter!