Friday, July 6, 2012


While we were "stuck" in Baltimore we got to do some pretty awesome stuff.  I say "stuck" because we were staying with family who spoiled us and took us to do a lot of fun things. 

We'll start with Story Ville.  Imagine lifesize play places for kids such as: a playhouse complete with kitchen, nursery, upstairs, etc., treehouse, grocery store, train, library, baby corner for the little ones, and a few others that I can't rembmer.  But, SO, MUCH, FUN!


I took too many pictures to post but we had a good time until Amber suddenly got a fever and wasn't feeling well.  This all happened during the dolphin "show" which turned out to be a lecture about dolphins and not much else.  Not fun with three 2-4 year olds and two babies.  But it was still a great time. 

Of course we had a lot of fun play time with Clark and Krystal's girls.  Amber had such a great time.  And we were spoiled with delicious food.  Thank you so much to the Morsbach family!

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