Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Italian Casa

Here are a few pictures of our house in Italy.

This is the sunrise from our front porch.

Above is the side view: There are outside shutters on all the doors and windows. They are pretty cool, but can also be a pain. Most houses in Italy have them, they are a crime deterrent and also handy in bad weather.

This is the front view:

We have a beautiful mountain range behind the house, I need to get some good pictures of them to post. We were really lucky to get a good house. There are a lot of houses that are.... hmmmm "less desirable." But our house has issues too. Hot water DOES NOT LAST. It is quite the tease to have a nice deep bathtub and not enough hot water to fill it. You can't run the washer and the drier at the same time or it will flip the breakers (which makes keeping up on laundry much more challenging). I could probably come up with more complaints but who wants to hear them? We have a great house and hey, we're in Italy so we're going to do as the Italians do.

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