Sunday, May 30, 2010

Herb and Sarah

Andy's parents showed us a great time while we were in Tucson. We were spoiled beyond belief-which is always the case when we go to Tucson. They cooked us some delicious meals and took us out to eat at some of our favorite spots. They were also gracious hosts to my parents and friends when they came to visit us in Tucson. They had a little party for everyone to come over and visit while they were here. Sarah also gave Andy and I GREAT haircuts. Of course Andy's probably wasn't a big deal but I got a great haircut and just love it. Sarah is also always giving me books to read and great reccomendations, I am never bored in Tucson or on the trip home, I always have something good to read. They also let us borrow their cars while we were there so we saved a lot of money that we would have spent on a rental. Anyways, we just wanted to say thanks for everything-especially making our trip a great one. All of this and all they got in return was a nasty cold!

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