Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Expert Marksman

Today Andy went and shot an M-9 (which is a hand gun) to qualify as an Expert Marksman. To qualify you have to hit 41 shots out of 45. Of the 45, 25 shots must hit in a 10 inch circle on the chest and 6 hits within a 6 inch circle on the head. Now he can add a bronze star to his Expert Marksman ribbon, since he also qualified with the M-16. He had a blast shooting today, even though it was pouring rain. Good job babe! I know that Herb will be challenging Andy to a shooting competition while we're in Tucson. Stay tuned to find out who wins.


  1. my hubby is one too! :) congrats Andy!

  2. Yay for Andy! Don is hoping to go for his 7th expert when he gets back to SD. Maybe when we get Andy and Don together they can have a friendly competition too. :0)