Sunday, October 28, 2012

GG's visit September 2012

While GG was here we were able to see Verone, Lake Garda, Venice, and a few other nearby locations.  Here are a few pictures from her visit.
 One (only one) picture of the Verona Arena.  I think Mom got a lot more pics. 

 This was a show we saw in Lake Garda.  It was a Medeveil Times Dinner and Show.  We saw four knights who fought for the princesses hand.  Each Prince had a section of fans.  Our prince won!  The princes competed on archery, sword fighting, jousting, and horsemanship.

 We had soup, rolls, chicken, fries, coke, and no silverware!  It was delicious and so much fun!  SO MUCH FOOD!
 Girls just wanna have fun!
Jesse came with us to this show and it was super loud.  People use their metal plates/mugs to bang and cheer on their fighter so you can imagine how loud it was.  Luckily, Jesse was able to SLEEP through the noise.
 They're in a fight.....
The Winner!
No new pics of Venice, but it is always fun to go see.  This time we went to Murano which I really liked and that is where they make all the glass.  I highly recommend you go!

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