Monday, February 15, 2010

Albuquerque to Atlanta to New York to Venice to Avianno, Oh my!

Sleeping peacefully on the flight from New York to Venice. 10 hours!

Hanging out in the ATL.

New York, here we come!

We started our trek in Albuquerque and had a peaceful flight to Atlanta. Amber did very well on the plane with no crying. Once in Atlanta Amber had some down time and got to stretch out. Then on to New York, where upon landing, she got a little bit fussy, not bad at all. Soon we boarded our flight to Venice. Amber was still a little bit fussy. But who wouldn't be when our departure time comes and goes as we wait for an ill man to get off the plane at the last minute (not that my heart doesn't go out to him). The real kicker is when he got off the plane we had to wait for them to find his bags which were already loaded.
The rest of the trip went really well. I wasn't crazy about getting off the plane last (as I am usually off as fast as humanly possible), nor was I happy about Delta not letting people with babies and kids board before zones ahead of them. Everything else went great (the woman sitting next to Amber on the long flight was not too happy to be sitting next to a baby and even less so when I took a picture)! But we made it safely without a hitch.

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  1. I am so happy you are there! Yay! Sorry about the last flight and the unhappy lady. She got lucky to sit next to Amber. That is crazy they didn't let you get on and off first. When did that start! Best part of flying with a baby! Glad you both made it safely. We miss you already!