Monday, October 29, 2012


 Amber was our little Cinderella Princess.
And Jesse was our little Staff Sgt. Airman.  I originally made this costume for Amber two years ago and so Jesse also got to wear it.  I had to make new pants for Jesse though, the old pair were too small for him.
This year we had a lot of halloween fun.  Trunk or Treat with the ward-of course Amber hung out with Taeve.  The fall festival with a pumpkin patch, hay bale maze, tons of candy and fun!  Amber also got to go to a costume party to celebrate Chloe's birthday.  

Birthday Season in the Wright House

Yes, it is true.  The smallest Wright Baby is already 1 year old.  We celebrated with some delicious Air Force Cake.  Jesse seemed to enjoy it. 

 That's a spaghetti face covered in cake face.  Yum!
For Amber's birthday we celebrated at an Agurturismo.  Which is a farm style petting zoo.  All the kids got to ride a horse and have a great time. 



We were able to take a trip up to Normandy.  We were able to see two museums and Omaha beach.  It was really a great experience and I'm glad we got to go.  We did not get to see the American cemetery as it had closed about 30 minutes before we got there.



The second museum we saw was full of sunken war machines.  It was really neat. 


Something I've always wanted to see in France was Versailles Palace.  It was really beautiful and I love all the history.


 Hall of Mirrors
 King's Bed Chamber
 Hall of Mirrors
Queen's Bed Chamber



Sunday, October 28, 2012

Paris, France

We were able to take a short trip to Paris for a few days and it was beautiful.  We first traveled through Switzerland, where there were waterfalls EVERYWHERE!  It was so beautiful.

Paris was also beautiful and there was so much to see.  We were only there for 1.5 days before we had to leave.  With such limited time we only saw a few things but it was awesome!

Up, up and away.



Notre Dame

I regret that we didn't get to stay longer and see more, but we did the best we could.  The crepes and croissants were fantastic!